CDC. Controlled. Powerful. Precise.

Already more than 30 years ago Barnes, today one of the renowned manufacturers of projectiles in the world, introduced a „lead-free“ hunting projectile onto the market made from copper. The objective of this development was to provide a projectile with constant, good deformation characteristics and, at the same time, improved ballistic values.

Based on these experiences, Blaser now had developed a completely new copper projectile. The Blaser CDC projectile (Controlled Deformation Copper) combined the required characteristics, such as the best precision and reliable killing effect in an optimum manner. The CDC projectile is specifically determined for light to medium weight game and, thus, precisely fulfills the requirements of the hunters in Central Europe. In order to ensure the greatest possible quality, the projectiles from Barnes are produced and loaded by Norma.

The mass of the Blaser CDC projectile was deliberately only slightly reduced in comparison to other „lead-free“ projectiles. Thus, the excellent defor­mation characteristics of the CDC projectile are ensured over a very wide range of distances and speed.

Due to the high weight of projectile maintained, CDC projectiles attain a maximum length that also provides high directional stability in the body of the game.

The front part of the CDC projectile responds very quickly after impinging, due to its special design with expansion caverns and covered hollow tip. Four different uniform barbs form on the projectile in the body of the game, without shiver occurring that reduces the effect of bringing down the game.

Caliber CDC:

  • 7x64 
  • 7x65 R
  • 7 mm Blaser Magnum 
  • .30R Blaser
  • .308 Win. 
  • .30–06 
  • .300 Win. Mag.
  • .300 Blaser Magnum
  • 8x57 IS 
  • 8x57 IRS
  • 8x68 S 
  • 9,3x62 
  • 9,3x74 R

Fire or blast hazard and hazard of fragment projection. Keep away from hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. No smoking.