The Blaser Fawn-Rescuers Start Into Their Second Season

We have been overwhelmed with your response to our wildlife protection project “Blaser Fawn-Rescuer” and therefore we are absolutely delighted that we will not only continue with the project but even extend it this year. To this end we auctioned off an exquisite Blaser R8 Custom rifle during the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition “One with Nature” which took place in Budapest last September. The proceeds have been used to buy three more drones.

Now we are looking for passionate teams which would like to join the “Blaser Fawn-Rescuer” 2022. As during the last season drones with thermal imaging cameras are made available on loan to county hunting associations, hunting rings and hunters. The implementation of the measure is divided into two parts: first comes learning to fly (with proof of being an authorized person), then comes fawn rescue. In fawn rescuer training sessions organized by Blaser, participants are prepared for their rescue mission.


We are looking forward to your application until 10 March to kitzretter(at)

The Blaser fawn-rescuer teams are spread all over Germany to be able to fly as many missions as possible.

The project is part of Blaser's long-term sustainability strategy. "Taking responsibility for nature and the wildlife living in it has always been part of hunting," says Wiebke Lüke, Blaser's head of marketing, "but in the future we need to do even more together to ensure that future generations can experience biodiversity and nature as we do." So, in addition to fawn rescue, the drone can of course be used to protect other wildlife such as brown hares, partridges or hedgehogs

Are you looking for more information about the Blaser fawn rescuer program? Then email us at kitzretter(at)

5 important tips for fawn rescue

  • Engage with farmers in your area in a timely manner. Proper timing is especially important here.
  • Assemble a team to work together to help before, during and after the fawn rescue.
  • If you find a fawn, do not handle it without gloves. If possible, wear odorless gloves and carry the fawn out of the meadow bedded in grass. A basket with holes in which they can carry it far enough out of the danger area is optimal.
  • Organize sufficient means of communication (walkie talkie, other radios) if no cell phone network is available.
  • If you do not have your own drone available, contact one of the Blaser fawn rescue teams or contact neighboring hunters, hunting clubs or county hunting associations.


Contribute with the fawn rescue so that we continue to live in a world characterized by biodiversity.
Your Blaser Team