R8 Long Range

Blaser expands its caliber offering for long range shooting. Available in June 2016 the R8 welcomes .300 Norma Magnum.

If terms like bullet weight, ballistic coefficient and cross wind make your heart skip a beat then Blaser’s addition of the .300Norma Magnum will be just what you need to get shooting. Without a doubt long range shooting has established itself among hunters and target shooters alike. Whether training for your next extreme hunt or this weekend’s competition the newest addition to the R8 long range line is guaranteed to impress.

Nothing makes hitting long range easier than a premium 26” cold hammer forged barrel with a 1: 10 twist. Add a healthy dose of velocity (910m/s, 2985 f/s) and a hybrid 230 grain bullet and you are assured stories of a lifetime. Experience the new 300 Norma Magnum today. 

Aavailable from Norma: 
Berger HP 14.9 g/230 gr