Caliber 10,3x68 Magnum

The evolution of the legendary 10,3x60R Swiss target cartridge has finally reached its apex in the new 10,3x68 Magnum.

Originally designed in the late 1800s for single shot, Martini action rifles, the evolution of the 10,3x60R cartridge is as important as the advancements made in bolt action rifles. Now the world’s most advanced bolt action rifle, the R8, has added the 10,3x68 magnum cartridge to its product line. The successor of the 10,3x60R, traditionally used in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden, is a high performance cartridge perfectly suited for hunting Europe, Africa and North America. The innovative bullet design guarantees precise shot placement with maximum stopping power on game, even at long range. Two bullet types to choose from the Speed Tip Pro and the environmentally responsible lead free Evo Green.

Available from RWS:
Evo Green bullet weight 13.5 g/208 gr/ Vₒ = 900 (m/s) and 2953 (ft/s)/E = 5468 Joule (100 m) and 4033 (ft.lbs)
Speed Tip Pro 18.5g/286 gr/ Vₒ = 800 (m/s) and 2625 (ft/s)/E = 5920 Joule (100 m) and 4366 (ft.lbs)