Silencer with Style

The R8 Silence offers an integrate solution for hunters, who want to reliably protect their own hearing as well as the hearing of their dog at all times.

Hearing protection during each shot for both man and dog alike – the R8 Silence offers nothing less. At the same time, this newcomer provides the same well-known first-class balance that the R8 is so appreciated for. This has been made possible by a very clever concept. With the R8 Silence, the silencer has been integrated as part of the rifle instead of being added to the muzzle at the end of the barrel.

This construction allows the silencer to cool down at a much quicker pace due to its exterior surface being considerably larger than that of a conventional silencer. The contour of the barrel and silencer has been designed as a so-called "bull-barrel" which gives the R8 its signature look.

It does, however, come in two very attractive versions. The first option 1 is a matt-black receiver and beautiful walnut stock in wood class 4 that is adorned with a Bavarian cheek piece and double rabbit. The second choice is the R8 Silence Black Edition which combines an extravagant walnut stock in wood class 7 with gold-colored trigger and bolt head, making the R8 Silence Black Edition a handsome companion. 


Available caliber

Caliber: .308 Win.; 8x57 IS; 9,3x62 – barrel lengths 42 or 47 cm (16.5" or 18.5")
Caliber: .30-06 – barrel length 47 cm (18.5")
Caliber: .300 Win. Mag.; .300 Blaser Mag. – barrel length 52 cm (20.5")