The R8 rifle has revolutionized the way the world views the bolt action rifle. Never before has there been such a flexible platform that incorporates all the characteristics of form and function for a guaranteed result.  With the R8 Intuition Blaser now offers a rifle featuring a purpose built stock that takes into account the anatomy of women. In combination with a slender pistol grip, this optimally designed Monte Carlo stock maximizes comfort and provides ample surface area for a proper cheek weld to the stock allowing the huntress to fully unlock the potential of the R8. The R8 Intuition is only available in models featuring a wooden stock.

Crafted for ladies

  • Optimized Monte Carlo stock with an overall length of 13.8" (350 mm): Perfect balance for both shoulder and cheek when mounting; allowing cheek and eye to find the optimal position

  • Extra soft recoil pad: Excellent recoil absorption characteristics.
  • Reduced stock length: Smooth mounting allows for relaxed shoulder and arm posture.

  • Ergonomically optimized pistol grip: Ideal ergonomics between pistol grip and trigger are designed for a women’s hand 

Illumination Control

Rifle Cocked = Illuminated Dot Active

  • Illumination Control (iC) couples the control of the reticle illumination to the operation of the rifle
  • A sensor in the eyepiece recognizes the position of the cocking slide and automatically regulates the switch-on/-off function of the illuminated reticle


Thanks to their love of detail, finesse and many years of experience the world's best engravers turn your hunting rifle into a unique piece.


Configure the rifle of your dreams: Using the Blaser configurator, you can easily compile your Blaser R8 individually and order it through your qualified dealer. Explore Blaser’s wide range of customization possibilities!