The master engravers of the Blaser Custom Shop

Masters of their craft

All engravers we collaborate with for the creation of our custom rifles are true masters of their craft. It is their creativitiy and skill that literally bring ornaments, animal scenes or abstract motifs to life. Every Blaser hunting firearm passing through their hands and leaving the Blaser Custom Shop is a true work of art. 

"For me, engraving is a way of artistic design. My works are handmade and every single one of them is unique. Yet, new challenges always emerge. They require a good command of multiple engraving techniques in order to fulfill the customer's wishes. Above all, the prerequisite for designing interesting engravings is a high degree of creativity."

Specialized in:
Relief engravings – animals and landscapes, leaf ornaments, arabesques, Old German leaves, monograms, coats of arms, letterings in different engraving techniques, gold and silver inlays, inlays in general

"Creating something beautiful and imperishable with creativity, my own hands and steel is what fascinates me about this profession."


Specialized in:
Relief engravings, flat engravings with carved out background, gold and silver damascening, design of animals scenes, English and ornament engravings

"What fascinates me about being an engraver, is the creative freedom every single order allows for. The attempt of transferring nature into my engravings. Every engraving that is hand-crafted will always remain individual. "


Specialized in:
Flat engraving, relief engravings, animal motifs with/without gold inlays, placed all over the receiver or only in detail, fine English arabesques, other leaf engravings and carvings. 

"The fascination for my profession as an engraver is to portray organic shapes and animals on hunting firearms. I am really excited about the shift of traditional engraving techniques towards modernity and even more individualization."


Specialized in:
From flat to relief engravings as well as ornaments with gold damascening, black boar motifs, fur structures, dog portraits to US-inspired motifs