K95 Stradivari

Blaser selects only the finest raw materials for the K95 Stradivari, just as the master violin maker Stradivari did: Platinum, finish in Ruthenium looks and the most precious root wood form the theme of this composition.

K95 Stradivari Receiver

  • Receiver, trigger and locking lever enhanced with ruthenium finish; platinum inlays with logo "Stradivari" on long side plates; Trigger and bolt head "Diamond Like Carbon"- black high gloss finish. Stock wood grad 10 with super finish; Fluted octogonal barrel (L Ø17 mm, BL caliber 60 cm)

K95 Ebony for-end tip

Bavarian cheek piece with double rabbet

  • stock with Bavarian cheek piece and double rabbet

Wood grade 10

Super Finish

  • available from wood grade 8

Fluted octagonal barrel

Ruthenium finish coated pistol grip

Ruthenium finish coated openwork pistol grip cap made of steel with ebony inlay

Ring sling swivel with Ruthenium finish

Blaser ABS Rifle Case Type A

  • Safe, comfortable, discreet: the perfect light carrying case for car and aircraft
  • For single shot rifles and combination guns, barrels up to 65cm (26.7") with the fore-end removed, stock up to 42 cm (16.5")
  • Compartment for scope (up to 56 mm / 2.2" objective lens diameter)
  • LxWxH: 71x32x10 cm (32.3"x13"x4.3")

Leather Rifle Sling

With wide, soft shoulder pad for utmost carrying comfort. Slipresistant, elastic and adjustable in length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle cartridges. Detachable sling swivels with quick-release fastener. Available in two harmonious brown shades, perfectly rounds off the appearance of premium hunting rifles.


Dual-Brake muzzle brake

  • threaded muzzle brake considerably reduces recoil and muzzle flip
  • recoil reduction by approx. 35 to 50 %
  • retrofitting of the muzzle thread for Dual-Brake is possible
  • for fluted barrels available only without open sights

Wood grade 11


  • for rifles and combination guns
  • The stainless steel cylinder, filled with tungsten beads, is inserted into the stock and reduces recoil by about 20%.
  • stock weight is increased
  • improves the balance with heavy guns

Rubber recoil pad 2.5 or 3.0 cm

  • reduces recoil considerably

Saddle mount ZEISS rail

  • for ZEISS ZM and VM rifle scopes with patented inner rail

Saddle mount Swarovski rail

  • for Swarovski rifle scopes with patented Swarovski inner rail

Saddle mount Schmidt&Bender rail

  • for Schmidt&Bender rifle scopes with patented Schmidt & Bender inner rail

Saddle mount Prisma

  • for rifle scopes with prism rail on the central tube

Saddle mount with mounting rings

  • ring diameters 25.4mm (1"), 30 mm or 34 mm

Also available:

Saddle mount for:

  • Z-Point
  • Aimpoint Micro
  • Docter-Sight

Legal notice

Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders. 


Thanks to their love of detail, finesse and many years of experience the world's best engravers turn your hunting rifle into a unique piece.