Hunting responsibly and interacting sustainably with nature are an essential part of Blaser‘s corporate philosophy. The purpose of hunting is to get the most out of the harvested animal. While venison has always been highly prized as food, animal hides are also valued and often processed to become fine leather. The skins of predators are rarely used nowadays and there is now a way to use fur in a responsible smart fashion.

The cooperation of Blaser with the Fellwechsel GmbH (Fur Change GmbH) – a subsidiary of the German Hunting Association and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Hunting Association – revolutionizes the use of skins that originate from local hunting. The fact that in Germany alone, hundreds of thousands of skins from foxes, martens, raccoons or nutrias are destroyed instead of being further processed, whereas at the same time furs from breeding farms are imported, could no longer be accepted. On the lookout for a solution, the German ­Hunting ­Association initiated the Fellwechsel GmbH which is breaking new ground in the use of local furs

Through the establishment of more than 200 collection points in Germany, it has now become easy and practicable for all hunters to further use harvested predators in a sustainable way. For every skin that is processed, a complete proof of origin is ensured. This guarantees that the processed skins do not come from breeding farms.

For the kickoff of this cooperation with the Fellwechsel GmbH, Blaser offers a ladies’ as well as a men’s jacket made of loden which both feature fur collars. In addition, a loden vest for men is also part of the collection whose inner lining is made of nutria fur. 

Blaser Premium Clothing

Ladies’ jacket:

Slip into it and never want to take it off again! The hood of the elegant PREMIUM loden jacket for ladies caresses the face with a fine stone marten fur insert. The inner front panel is fitted with cropped and warming nutria fur. This combination of furs will provide you with a natural sense of warmth and comfort. Fine details, such as the decorative ARGALI Paisley lining, real-horn ­buttons as well as the high collar with soft RAMTEX edging stylishly round off the luxurious appearance of the ladies’ loden jacket..


Men‘s jacket and vest:

The hood of the exclusive PREMIUM jacket for gents captivates with an edging made of finest ­raccoon fur and noble details. The loden vest for gents is softly lined with warming, cropped nutria fur.

PREMIUM loden jacket for ladies with a fine stone marten fur insert.
PREMIUM loden jacket for gents with a fine edging made of fine raccoon fur.
PREMIUM loden vest for gents softly lined with warming, cropped nutria fur.

Original Bavarian Loden

From the fibre to the finished fabric – the loden that is used for the Blaser Outfits PREMIUM line exclusively comes from the oldest German textile factory in the Bavarian town of Tirschenreuth. It is here where unique quality is guaranteed.


Sustainability and Ecology

The German furriers have founded an initiative which advertises with the artifical word “WE PREFUR” for the processing of fur that passes all tests delivered in terms of ethics, sustainability and ecology. The pun “WE PREFUR” clarifies what the initiative stands for: to prefer fur originating from local hunting.

Blaser PREMIUM available as of mid-October 2019 with selected dealers: