Elegant long side plates with classy engraving characterize the F3 Supertrap Baronesse. Choose between animal engravings with ducks, pheasants or fine scroll arabesques. Selected Caucasian Walnut wood grade 7 as well as a golden trigger round off its elegant appearance. With shotgun case and kit of five chokes.

Caliber 12

  • 12-gauge (3")

F3 left-handed version

  • Each F3 is available as full left-hand version



Fine English Scroll

Side plates F3 Baronesse

  • long side plates
  • engraving motifs to select from: 
    animal engraving with duck and pheasant framed with Fine English Scroll 
    or Fine English Scroll on the long side plates and the action

Adjustable Trigger

Model name inlayed in gold

  • Model name F3 and safety markings "F" and "S" inlayed in gold



Gold-colored trigger, titanium-nitrided

Wood grade 7

Adjustable rib

  • Thanks to the large adjustment range of the rib, demanding Trap shooters can use the F3 at its full potential
  • individually adjustable to the requirements of the shooter by lifting or lowering the rib

Buttstock Supertrap Monte Carlo

Supertrap Monte Carlo buttstock with adjustable comb

Fore-end Supertrap

  • Semi beavertail fore-end with recessed grip

KickEez® rubber recoil pad

Over&Under barrel Supertrap

  • barrel length 81 cm (32")
  • factory-set to a pattern of 70:30 (sighting plane "Figure 8")

Under-Single barrel

  • barrel length 86 cm (34")
  • factory-set on a pattern of 85:15 (sighting plane "Figure 8")

Mid-bead and front bead

Barrel balancer

  • The barrel weight can be increased by up to 170 g (6 lb) using balancer weights.

Stock balancer

The Balancer system allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. 



Lacquered finished stock


  • Unlimited steel proofing up to half choke. A choke wrench is included in delivery.
  • Optional for a surcharge: extended Briley Spectrum chokes, interchangeable by hand or wrench. 

Optional Extras

F3 left-handed version

  • Each F3 is available as full left-hand version




Thanks to their love of detail, finesse and many years of experience the world's best engravers turn your hunting rifle into a unique piece.

F3 Configurator

Configure the shotgun of your dreams: Using the Blaser configurator, you can easily compile your Blaser F3 individually and order it through your qualified dealer. Explore Blaser’s wide range of customization possibilities!

Blaser Shotgun F3 Configurator