R8 Kilimanjaro Elephant

A rare piece of art within the framework of the new Big Bore Edition

With the R8 Kilimanjaro Elephant master engraver Peter Schaschl has created an extraordinary individual piece of the bolt action rifle R8 in caliber .500 Jeffrey. This piece of art first takes the beholder in the African Steppe with its distinctive landscape of bushes and trees: Structures of an acacia tree seem to be within one's reach. 23 brilliants (overall 2 carats) form the tree's fruits and an elephant head framed with a golden outline of the African continent adorn the bolt assembly.

In a skillful interaction of engraving techniques – finest chisel – and deep relief, in combination with Bulino, the master engraver Peter Schaschl has captured a vivid and authentic animal depiction: On the left side is a frontal view of a trophy bull elephant pictured close-up looking directly into the eyes of the beholder. Behind him, a herd of elephants is approaching. On the right side, an elephant bull with a raised trunk and golden eye presents himself. The tusks of the bull standing in the foreground are worked out in silver, reflections from the evening rays of light shining down from heaven are inlayed in gold on the side plates. A fascinating display of art composed by the master engraver, which results in a dense, enthralling atmosphere.

Open sights and bolt handle are crafted in a special way and additionally emphasizing the appearance of this outstanding rifle.