This tool allows you to select the QDC+ quick adjustment ring for your Blaser riflescope that matches your rifle and ammunition.

Simply select your Blaser riflescope and your ammunition from the menu. The program then calculates the trajectory and tells you the appropriate ring for your QDC+.

To achieve even more precise results, all input values (scope height, altitude, temperature, humidity, muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient) can be overwritten and thus individually adjusted.

In particular, it is advisable to measure the muzzle velocity of the particular load from your own rifle and enter the measured value. By entering the muzzle velocity and the ballistic coefficient, the appropriate ring can also be selected for ammunition not stored in the menu.

If you already have trajectory data, you can enter it directly under "Use measured values". The number of clicks required at the respective distances can be entered here. The result is calculated up to the farthest distance for which values have been entered.

As a result of the calculation you will receive the recommendation of the suitable ring, a representation of the ballistic curves of the 10 available rings with the representation of the trajectory of your ammunition and a table with the trajectory data. In this table, the maximum deviation of the calculated trajectory from the recommended ring is noted in centimetres on the target at the respective distance. This makes it possible to judge up to which distance the selected ring represents the actual trajectory accurately enough to hit the target safely.

Attention: Please always check the result by test shooting with the selected ring before hunting use and note that the reasonable shooting distance can be limited in practice by a variety of factors.

Use measured values
Bullet drop in klicks at:
Bullet drop in cm
Bullet drop in Klicks
Deviation in cm
Your Data Calculated Curve Your fitting ring: inch Shooting distance [m] Bullet drop at target [cm]