With the Blaser ballistics calculator, you can easily determine the QDC+ ring that best matches your rifle and selected load. There are different ways of doing this: 

  1. If you are using Blaser ammunition, select your Blaser riflescope and your Blaser load from the menu. The program then calculates the trajectory and the appropriate QDC+ ring .
    All parameters (sight height, elevation above sea level, temperature, humidity, muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient) can be entered or overwritten with your individual values for even more accurate results.
    As muzzle velocity also depends on your rifle and the barrel length, we highly recommend measuring the muzzle velocity for the respective ammunition on your own rifle and to input the measured value. 

  2. For ammunition not listed in the menu, select the first option (own input) under “Choose load” and enter the muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient (G1) in the corresponding fields. This information can be found on the ammunition packaging from most manufacturers. Once again, all parameters can be adapted if necessary in order to obtain an even more accurate result.
    Note: The bullet weight is irrelevant for determining the trajectory and therefore does not need to be entered.

  3. Known trajectory information can be entered directly by activating “Use measured values”. Here, you can enter the number of clicks required for a clean shot at the respective distance.
    The result is calculated up to the furthest shooting distance for which the values were entered.

 The calculation provides the following results: 

  1. Recommended ring
  2. A diagram of the ballistic curve for all 10 available rings, with the trajectory of your ammunition highlighted
  3. A table with the trajectory data. For the recommended ring, the table additionally shows the maximum deviation (in centimeters) of the determined trajectory over the respective distance. This allows you to estimate up to which distance the selected ring will provide the actual trajectory with sufficient accuracy to reliably hit the target.

Note: Always carry out a test shot with the selected ring before using it on the actual hunt to verify the result, and please note that the justifiable shooting distance can be limited by a number of factors in practical application.

Use measured values
Bullet drop in klicks at:
Bullet drop in cm
Bullet drop in clicks
Deviation in cm
Your Data Calculated Curve Your fitting ring: inch Shooting distance [m] Bullet drop at target [cm]