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Master the darkness

For hunting wild boar at night, clip-on devices have become indispensable. The development of the new Blaser B2 riflescope line was therefore the logical next step for us.

Optimized for night time hunting.

Designed from the ground up for the use with clip-on technology, the Blaser B2 riflescopes have undergone the same shock resistance tests that are standard for testing premium riflescopes – and all B2 models passed with flying colors.


With an overall length that is up to four centimeters shorter than comparable scopes, the Blaser B2 riflescopes are extremely compact. When hunting, this short overall length ensures that a clip-on device can be comfortably operated from the shooting position and that the rifle’s center of gravity is not shifted forward unnecessarily. Another advantage of the compact design is the short range of motion of the zoom system’s movable lenses which results in improved mechanical precision and a more stable point of impact when changing magnification. At the same time, the mechanical robustness compensates for the additional stress on the scope when shooting with a clip-on device.

In combination with the easy-to-mount, absolutely repeatable attachment mounts and the ­corresponding clip-on device, the Blaser B2 riflescopes become true ­night ­hunting specialists.

easy. fast. 100% return to zero.

Even under rough hunting conditions, the riflescope and clip-on device can be connected quickly and easily in just a few steps – with 100% repeatability. Both optics thus become a precise unit.


with 6x zoom. for every application.

All models are available with inner rail or 30 mm main tube. This allows mounting on any make and type of rifle.

By day and night

Illuminated reticle 4a

Fine, daylight bright illuminated reticle (fiber optics) in the second focal plane.

| 6x zoom
| Optimized for clip-on devices – compact and robust
| Fine, daylight bright illuminated reticle (fiber optics) in the second focal plane
| 94 / 92 % day- / night transmission
| Smart Lens Protection (SLP) – hydrophobic lens coating
| 30 mm main tube / inner rail optionally
| Parallax adjustment, with tactile click at 100 m (only with B2 2.5-15x56 iC)
| Continuously variable adjustment of the illumination intensity
| Rubberized magnification ring
| 90 mm eye relief
| Nitrogen purged, waterproof to 4 m
| Made in Germany

More options

  1. Blaser B2 OCULAR Flip Cover with iC Function (optional)
  2. 6X Zoom
  3. Windage adjustment
  4. Illumination adjustment (lockable)
  5. Elevation adjustment (QDC+ optional)
  6. Blaser B2 OBJECTIVE lens flip cover with mount for clip-on device (optional)

Blaser QDC+

quick distance control+

The Blaser QDC+ allows you to adjust the shooting distance up to a range of 500 m directly on the elevation turret of your Blaser B2 riflescope. For optimal adaptation to your own rifle, ten interchangeable engraved rings are included, covering a wide range of hunting ammunition. Additionally, individual markings can be applied to a blank ring.

As with all Blaser riflescopes, you have the possibility to lock the turret at the zero position and at 4 clicks high (most recommended distance). This insures that an unintentional adjustment is not possible and the locked position gives you the safety of a clean shot at common hunting distances.

The Blaser QDC+ is optionally available for the models B2 2-12x50 iC and B2 2.5-15x56 iC and very easy to retrofit yourself.

Also available for the riflescope series B1!

iC for all

In combination with the Blaser B2 Ocular Flip Cover with iC, the Blaser B2 riflescopes offer the ingenious possibility to transfer the automatic activation of the illuminated reticle (Illumination Control) to all rifle types and makes.

| Compatible with all B2 models
| Optimal protection of the ocular lens against moisture and dirt
| For rifles without Illumination Control (iC), the optional iC magnet in the flip cover controls the iC function



Blaser B2 Objective Lens Flip Cover

| Integrated mount for Blaser CM attachment mount: Only solution on the market that does not require the flip cover to be removed for installing the attachment mount.
| Optimal protection of the lens against moisture and dirt
| Blaser B2 Objective Lens Flip Cover for B2 2-12x50 iC (56 mm outside diameter) and B2 2.5-15x56 iC (62 mm outside diameter)

Blaser CM Attachment Mounts CM 56 / CM 62

| Attachment mounts suitable for B2 2-12x50 iC and B2 2.5-15x56 iC
| Compatible with Blaser B2 Objective Lens Flip Cover | Secured against rotation (aligned to the flip cover) | Easily clamped into place

Blaser BL Attachment Mounts BL30, BL43, BL52

| Attachment mounts suitable for B2 1-6x24 iC S (with inner rail)
| Available versions:
  • BL30: M30x1 for LIEMKE MERLIN-13
  • BL43: M43x0,75 for LIEMKE LUCHS-1 and MERLIN-35
  • BL52: M52x0,75 for LIEMKE MERLIN-50, MERLIN-42
| Secured against rotation (aligned to the rail) and locked into place

Technical specifications

1-6x24 iC 2-12x50 iC 2,5-15x56 iC
Magnification 1-6x 2-12x 2,5-15x
Effective objective lens diameter 9,8 - 24 mm 19,6 - 50 mm 24,5 - 56 mm
Exit pupil 9,8 - 4 mm 9,8 - 4,2 mm 9,8 - 3,7 mm
Eye relief 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Diopter adjustment -3 / +2 dpt -3 / +2 dpt -3 / +2 dpt
Field of view at 100 m 40-6,7 m 20 - 3,3 m 16 - 2,6 m
Nitrogen purged ja ja ja
Waterproof 4 m 4 m 4 m
Elevation / windage at 100 m ±150 / ±150 cm ±125 / ±125 cm ±125 / ±60 cm
Elevation with QDC+ 80 cm / 100 m 80 cm / 100 m
Adjustment per click 1 cm / 100 m 1 cm / 100 m 1 cm / 100 m
Parallax adjustment 100 m fix 100 m fix 50 m - ∞
Overall length 273 mm 330 mm 327 mm
Weight without / with inner rail 590 / 615 g 735 / 760 g 800 / 825 g
Outer diameter lens 30 mm 56 mm 62 mm
Inner thread lens M28x0,75 M54x0,75 M60x0,75
Outer diameter eyepiece 46 mm 46 mm 46 mm

Career at Blaser

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