The Drilling D99 Luxus offers all technical feature of the D99, but captivates with hand-engraved arabesques and grade 4 wood. 

Ornamentation motifs D99 Luxus

  • Hand-engraved arabesques all over the receiver

Caliber overview combination guns

  • Please find here a pdf overview of all calibers, barrel diameters, barrel lengths and profiles: Show/download pdf-file

Wood grade 4

Slender forearm

  • with black forearm tip
[Translate to Englisch:] Blaser Hinterschaft Bayrische Backe

Bavarian cheek piece

  • Stock with Bavarian cheek piece

Optional Extras

Half beavertail forearm

  • with black forearm tip

Precious stock wood with 11 grades

When selecting your stock wood, you can choose between eleven quality grades of exquisite walnut wood.

Super Finish

  • available from wood grade 8

Rubber recoil pad 2.5 or 3.0 cm

  • reduces recoil considerably

Saddle mount ZEISS rail

  • for ZEISS ZM and VM rifle scopes with patented inner rail

Saddle mount Swarovski rail

  • for Swarovski rifle scopes with patented Swarovski inner rail

Saddle mount Schmidt&Bender rail

  • for Schmidt&Bender rifle scopes with patented Schmidt & Bender inner rail

Saddle mount Prisma

  • for rifle scopes with prism rail on the central tube

Saddle mount with mounting rings

  • ring diameters 25.4mm (1"), 30 mm or 34 mm

Also available:

Saddle mount for:

  • Z-Point
  • Aimpoint Micro
  • Docter-Sight


Thanks to their love of detail, finesse and many years of experience the world's best engravers turn your hunting rifle into a unique piece.