R8 Skull

Masterpiece of transcience

Skulls refined up to the smallest detail, realistically emerging through fine shades of grey, adorn the receiver of the R8 Skull in caliber .30-06. A skeletonized finger on the barrel – inlayed in silver – points towards the muzzle. The bolt handle ball which is also made of silver and modeled by hand rounds off this masterpiece.

Nobody else than the widely known Andreas Hermes was the creator of the drawings and first drafts for this R8. The tattoo artist is well-established in the Allgäu with his own studio named "Hell's Ink" and learnt his craft with famous tattoo artists all over the world. 

Within only eight weeks, Ralph Salzmann from the Blaser Custom Shop finally has brought the R8 Skull to life combining relief and flat engravings thus creating a masterpiece of transience whose appearance is harmoniously complemented by grade 11 wood, a golden trigger as well as an octagonal barrel.