Blaser News

A perfect match of function and design

Hunting sets the highest demands – not only to the hunter himself, but also to his gear. Therefore Blaser has developed riflescopes that are not only completely tailored to the requirements of hunting but, together with the rifle, offer the perfect...

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Silencer with Style

The R8 Silence offers an integrate solution for hunters, who want to reliably protect their own hearing as well as the hearing of their dog at all times.

Hearing protection during each shot for both man and dog alike – the R8 Silence offers nothing...

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Lightweight All-rounder

Combining elements of trendy outdoor fashion and hunting elegance, this refined light down jacket represents the perfect example of Blaser Outfits’ philosophy: To design outfits that are a pleasure to wear for both hunting and leisure.

This stylish...

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Blaser casual outdoor shoes

Comfort and flexibility are combined with a sure grip tread to make the Blaser casual outdoor shoes the ideal companions both in the field and on the town.

These sporty and light casual outdoor shoes are the perfect complement to the Blaser stalking...

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R8 Carbon Success

The R8 has again raised the level of performance you should expect from your hunting rifle: Introducing the R8 Carbon Success! This elegant lightweight will be available from your authorized Blaser dealer starting in autumn 2017.

The exceptional...

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F16: Best Shotgun 2017

The renowned jury of the British Shooting Industry Awards – consisting of journalists and industry experts – voted the F16 best shotgun 2017!

With this official aknowledgement, the F16 has lived up to its claim, to be the best in its class right off...

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Blaser binoculars

A new perspective

Where else are binoculars used so intensively and under such varying conditions as when hunting? To develop binoculars that are completely tailored to the requirements of hunting, is an especially big challenge. The enthusiastic...

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R8 Success

Blaser expertly combines, for the very first time, the two natural raw materials wood and leather. The result: the R8 Success .

The success story of the Blaser thumbhole stock continues. The well-known classical silhouette of the R8 rifle with the...

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Caliber 10,3x68 Magnum

The evolution of the legendary 10,3x60R Swiss target cartridge has finally reached its apex in the new 10,3x68 Magnum.

Originally designed in the late 1800s for single shot, Martini action rifles, the evolution of the 10,3x60R cartridge is as...

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Blaser Outfits

The lastest addition to the Argali family, the Argali 3.0 models combine a new, unique look with innovative textiles.

The Argali 3.0 jacket and trousers come in a sophisticated blend of olive and brown shades. „By using a special technique to apply...

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