Blaser binoculars

A new perspective

Where else are binoculars used so intensively and under such varying conditions as when hunting? To develop binoculars that are completely tailored to the requirements of hunting, is an especially big challenge. The enthusiastic hunters in the Blaser team worked with the best in the business for this task: The result is first-class hunting optics: “Made in Germany”.

Hunters see things differently. Hardly any other area of application demands so much from optical devices than constant use in the field. With decades of experience as active hunters and the know-how in the development of innovative hunting guns, Blaser has teamed up with the highly-skilled experts of German Sports Optics (GSO), to develop binoculars that live up to the specific requirements defined by Blaser.

Special attention has been turned to the immediate image, where the new Blaser binoculars offer maximum viewing comfort. A completely new optical calculation combined with using the largest lenses for the eyepiece allows for significantly faster image acquisition. This delivers a particularly comfortable visual experience in any situation – even if the binoculars are not in the optimum position in relation to your eyes. 

High light transmission, neutral colour reproduction and brilliant, high-contrast images are a must for long-range optics used for hunting. Our CCC multiple layer coating (Contrast and Colour Corrective Coating) ensures first-class image performance in any light conditions. Just as important as optical qualities is the protection of the outer lenses. The SLP coating (Smart Lens Protection) is based on nanotechnology and ensures water and dust protection. It also allows for the rain to run off and makes cleaning the lenses significantly easier. 

The excellent optical qualities are complemented by the extraordinary design of the Blaser Primus binoculars, offering the hunter a comfortable surface feel. The attractive bicolour reinforcement and the checkering texture of the operating elements are not only extremely nice to handle but also deliver a good level of grip that is indispensable, especially in adverse weather conditions.

A good balance is as important for binoculars as for hunting guns. The short bridge and a centre of gravity near to the eyepieces give all Blaser Primus binoculars an optimal balance and allows the hunter to observe subjects for prolonged periods without fatigue.