Blaser Outfits

The lastest addition to the Argali family, the Argali 3.0 models combine a new, unique look with innovative textiles.

The Argali 3.0 jacket and trousers come in a sophisticated blend of olive and brown shades. „By using a special technique to apply the colour onto the material we have created a unique look“, says Simone Schmidt, Head of Blaser Outfits. At the same time the colours have been chosen so that they match perfectly with the Argali² jackets and trousers. 

But Argali 3.0 is not only about a new appearance. Blaser Outfits uses an advanced Primaloft insulation, for which they secured for one year the exclusive right to use it in the hunting sector. „This Primaloft has the feeling of down, however the care is much easier“, says Schmidt. Moreover, the high-tech material is lighter than its natural counterpart but offers the same thermal performance. „It is also extremely silent, even at temperatures well below zero“, adds the Head of Blaser Outfits. With the Teflon coating on the outer fabric, Blaser Outfits is again at the forefront of new technologies. Schmidt: „We are using the first plant-based finish, that consists of 60 percent renewable raw materials.“ This is an important design consideration of Blaser Outfits mission to act responsibly with respect to people and nature ultimately, using raw materials in a sustainable way. 

For the autumn/winter collection 2017, Blaser Outfits offers an innovative combination with the Argali 3.0 Rafael jacket and the Rudolf trousers. The attractive women’s Rafaela jacket provides efficient proctection against rain, wind and cold, all the while keeping style and fashion at the forefront. Schmidt: „Like the whole Blaser Outfits collection, Argali 3.0 offers ultimate comfort without compromise, allowing for unencumbered movement necessary to face the challenges of hunting and everyday activities.