A perfect match of function and design

Hunting sets the highest demands – not only to the hunter himself, but also to his gear. Therefore Blaser has developed riflescopes that are not only completely tailored to the requirements of hunting but, together with the rifle, offer the perfect synergy of function and design.

Only in combination with top-class target optics can hunters use the
potential of their rifle to the fullest. Therefore it is even more important that function and handling of the optics are perfectly tuned for use in the field. “We have applied our philosophy of zero tolerance to the design and construction of our riflescopes with the same vigour in respect to accuracy as we do with our rifles”, says Blaser’s CEO Bernhard Knöbel.Thus the Blaser riflescopes feature technical solutions where precision-reducing factors are already excluded due to their construction. “Because the reticle is in the first focal plane, the point of impact cannot be changed when switching magnification due to the special technical design”, explains Knöbel.

Thanks to the innovative Swiss phase grating technology, the reticle bars are, even at high magnifications, very fine and make a low subtension of the reticle possible. In combination with the illuminated dot, which can be adjusted due to visibility conditions, a perfect balance is achieved to support accurate shooting under all hunting scenarios. An additional benefit of first focal plane scopes: They allow the hunter to easily estimate range when seconds matter.

A standard feature of all Blaser riflescopes is the Illumination Control (iC) – with which all Blaser R8 bolt action rifles are equipped as of now – so that the hunter can totally focus on a safe and accurate shot. A sensor in the riflescope recognizes the position of the cocking slide and automatically regulates the switch-on/off function of the illuminated dot. “So one single movement is enough to prepare for the shot”, says Blaser’s CEO, “pushing the cocking slide forward.” Thanks to this perfect interplay of rifle and scope the hunter gains time and the necessary composure for a safe shot.

The reticle adjustment, the Quick Distance Control, of the Blaser riflescopes 2.8-20x50 iC and 4-20x50 iC provides an easy and quick elevation adjustment. It is highly precise and at the same time robust mechanics guarantee a consistently reliable repeat accuracy. A unique feature is the possibility to fix the two adjustments “zeroed ” and GEE (4 cm high with a rifle that is zeroed at 100m). This makes an unintentional adjustment impossible. Nevertheless hunters can easily make windage or elevations
adjustments with just one twist of the hand. The adjustment turret for parallax is also protected against unintended movement. It is locked for a distance of approximately 100m. The Blaser 1-7x28 iC offers another ingenious feature: the Intelligent Variable Dot (IVD) which is an automatically activated illuminated dot for driven hunts. At low power of magnification, 4x and lower, the illuminated dot is larger in size and ideal for fast moving game providing ideal situational awareness and intuitive target acquisition. Thus it is an invaluable assistance in hunting for strongly self-protective game which requires instant target acquisition when approaching quickly. Knöbel: “All functions of the Blaser riflescopes have been designed for a continuous use, by hunters with a passion for hunting – without any compromise.”