Fine Loden with Real Fur

Blaser Outfits presents a new collection where natural materials take the center stage: Loden and fur. They look noble and support the sustainable use of nature at the same time.  

Whenever you are wearing real fur today, you might have to deal with some critical questions by your fellow citizens. Simone Schmidt, Head of Blaser Outfits, knows this very well. Blaser Outfits, however, chose to use real fur with this collection for a very good reason. “We are concerned with an intelligent use of natural resources”, says Schmidt, “hence it is important to us to use local fur as a valuable raw material.” 

To this end Blaser Outfits is cooperating with Fellwechsel, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Jagdverband. The German hunting association did not want to accept anymore that each year hundreds of thousands hides of foxes, martens, racoons and nutria are destroyed instead of being used. By now, there are more than 200 collecting points plus a complete proof of origin for each used fur. Schmidt: “That is why we know that the furs we use do not come from farms.”  

Starting from September there will be a Loden jacket for ladies and men each of which is adorned with a fur collar. For the ladies’ jacket a marten fur has been used, while the men’s jacket comes with a raccoon fur. In addition to that, men can select a Loden waistcoat, which is lined with glossy, extremely cuddly nutria fur. Like the fur, the Loden is completely manufactured in Germany.