For the Love of the Game

The team at the Blaser Custom Shop has created an exceptionally beautiful pair of over-and-under shotguns in 20-gauge (3’’) which makes a game shooter’s dream come true: A completely new designed receiver in which the metal has been shaped by hand, high-gloss polished barrels, an exquisite engraving and a distinctive rib concept make the pair one of its kind and it is titled accordingly 

“For the Love of the Game”. 

From the very beginning the pair has been devised as one of a kind. And the idea has never been restricted to the exterior design only: “We have completely redesigned the receiver” says Jann Ahrenholz, Head of the Blaser Custom Shop. Taking the F3 just as a starting point, a 3D model with a broader geometry was developed. The following realization was extremely elaborate: After a first milling, many individual details near the barrel breech were custom fitted by hand. Just to shape the shotgun body by hand has easily taken more than 30 hours of handwork process for this small step. 

The broadening of the receiver allowed the gunsmiths to use thicker side plates which could then be let-in flush instead of simply being screwed on. By this measure the surface of the side plates appears larger and looks especially harmonious. Moreover, it was possible to add a concave fillet which curves boldly and seamlessly from the side plates to their bottom side.  

With equal consistency, the classical design was applied to the trigger guard. “Because we wanted to have a trigger guard with inserted nuts, we had to redesign the whole latch plate”, remembers Ahrenholz. In the end the new concept system, which included different side plates as well as a different trigger guard, lead to a new stock, too, which had to be perfectly carved out of the precious wood. This different form of geometry was perfectly suited to accommodate a pistol grip in Prince of Wales style which offers, together with the stock, an exceptionally comfortable grip. 

Rising pheasants, woodcocks in flight, partridges and grouse are at the center of the side plates. Delicate leaf arabesques form the frame around the elaborate broader modeled receiver, which is engraved in a so-called Basso relief. By creating this beautiful scenery of a perfect day in the field, master engraver Stefano Pedretti once again impressively demonstrates his talent and experience. “With this design we crafted a pair of classical shotguns which offer extraordinary balance and make them a pure joy to shoot”, says Ahrenholz. 

The stocks are made from the rarest of walnut wood in the highest exhibition grade. The one-piece stocks do not feature recoil pads, but boast a fine checkering underlining their classical, traditional look. 

An especially prominent characteristic of this particular pair of guns is the two-piece concept of the barrel rib which gives the shotguns their unique appearance. An additional highlight are the so-called flush chokes. They perfectly blend with the barrels and merge into one with the muzzle of the barrels so that the possibility of changing them is not visible. As a result the whole muzzle area appears particularly slim and elegant.  

A hand-made leather case provides a safe and classy transport. 

Price on request!