A Creative Boost

Ralph Salzmann has been strengthening the Blaser Custom Shop team since 1 March. 

Blaser is no unknown territory for Ralph Salzmann as the engraver has been working as a freelancer for the manufacturer of premium hunting guns for more than 20 years. “Now I am excited by the idea of using the possibilities offered by digitalization to create and realize motifs at Blaser which we do not even dare to think about today”, says Salzmann. Moreover, the idea to work within a successful team which enjoys a large degree of creative freedom appealed to him. 

Salzmann has already proven that he can think out-of-the-box. Latest example for that is the “R8 Leopard” which will be presented at IWA 2018. The leopard glows dangerously from the action which seems to be torn open by his paw. To create that effect, he took removed material from the action and smoothened it afterwards. Later he started to engrave the eyes of the leopard with all the details. “It is especially important to realistically reproduce the sparkle of the eyes to give life to an engraving” says Salzmann. Experience and, of course, patience are required – two of the most essential virtues of an engraver.