R8 Carbon Success

The R8 has again raised the level of performance you should expect from your hunting rifle: Introducing the R8 Carbon Success! This elegant lightweight will be available from your authorized Blaser dealer starting in autumn 2017.

The exceptional qualities of Carbon fiber have made a lasting impact on our daily lives. Bicycles, automobiles, and even the airplanes above us rely on the strength and light weight properties of this dynamic material. So why not blend the ergonomic perfection found in the R8 Success stock with a material strong enough for space travel? Devised by the team in the Blaser Custom Shop, it is 300 grams lighter than the R8 Professional Success. What might not look like so much on paper can make all difference when you are hunting in difficult terrain.

“Made in Germany”, the one-piece stock is manufactured by hand and offers the ideal thermal stability due to the end-to-end orientation of the fibers. The surface of the carbon stock is also protected by a UV layer for protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

Weather-proof leather is added in the grip, forearm and cheek piece to blend a natural element to this modern marvel. The R8 Carbon Success will surely separate you from the crowd and it is always better to lead than follow. The R8 Carbon Success comes standard with Cocoa colored leather inlays. Other leather color options are available.