Blaser DVDs

The Blaser DVD series provides you with essential, hands-on hunting and shooting expertise. From shooting in the mountains over the accurate shot in the hunting ground and hunting on moving game to the authentic filming on the shooting formation of a prospective huntress – all DVDs explain complex knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. Spectacular hunting and nature scenes are a particular highlight. 

[Translate to USA:] Blaser DVD "bergauf, bergab... Der Schuss im Gebirge"

DVD “Uphill and downhill... Shooting in the mountains”

In extensive shooting trials, Blaser discusses and documents applicable techniques for shooting in mountains and valleys. An exciting and instructive guide on the topic of shooting technique in the mountains. With spectacular images of hunting and nature.

 Play time: approx. 45 min.

[Translate to USA:] Blaser DVD "Der präzise Büchsenschuss im Jagdrevier"

DVD "The precise rifle shot in hunting areas"

Sure to hit – hunting in line with the principles of hunting

Easy to implement, clearly demonstrated tips for precise shooting in the hunting area. From zeroing, through to the correct mount while stalking and shooting from a high seat, to shooting over long distances. 

Play time: approx. 45 min

[Translate to USA:] Blaser DVD "Jagd in Bewegung. Mit Sicherheit Erfolg"

DVD "Hunting in motion. Safe success"

New insights into the behaviour of the shot documented in a film for the first time. Shots on moving game, obstacles in the bullet’s flight path, shooting with shotgun solid shots, splinter effects in terminal ballistics, ricochets and their effects, and more. 

Play time: approx. 45 min. 

[Translate to USA:] DVD "Flintenschießen – Büchsenschießen: Aller Anfang ist leicht"

DVD "Shotgun shooting – rifle shooting: Getting started is easy"

Quick and simply achieved shooting results thanks to the correct teaching methods. Authentic first production of the shooting training of a would-be hunter. Professional trainers instruct the safe handling of shotguns and rifles.

Play time: approx. 90 min.