R8 Ultimate Silverstone

R8 Ultimate Silverstone

Iconic design produced in series: International racing and Blaser share the same passion for top performance and design. The R8 Ultimate Silverstone is a tribute to perfection and understatement.

Ultimate stock in black

Pistol grip: suede leather in anthracite with contrast stitching in silver-gray

Fore-end: suede leather inserts in anthracite with contrast stitching in silver-gray and Argali ceramic print

Recoil pad: suede leather in anthracite with contrast stitching in silver-gray

Adjustable comb: suede leather in anthracite with contrast stitching in silver-gray

Receiver in silver-gray, with matt brushing and Argali logo

Trigger, bolt handle ball, and bolt in “diamond-like-carbon” 

Receiver and trigger unit in silver-gray and matt brushing

Cocking lever: red signal indicator with Argali logo

Fluted barrel profile incl. barrel shortening and muzzle thread

Barrel version Silence incl. integrated silencer
Silence 42 cm: .308 Win.
Silence 47 cm: 8,5 x 55 Blaser

Pistol grip cap in silver-gray with “R8 Silverstone” lettering

Caliber Overview:

52 cm: .308 Win., 8 x 57 IS, 9.3 x 62
Semi Weight 52 cm: 8,5 x 55 Blaser
58 cm: .30-06 Spring., 6.5 Creedmoor
65 cm: .300 Win. Mag., 7 mm Rem. Mag.

Saddle mount ZEISS rail

  • for ZEISS ZM and VM rifle scopes with patented inner rail

Saddle mount Swarovski rail

  • for Swarovski rifle scopes with patented Swarovski inner rail

Saddle mount Schmidt&Bender rail

  • for Schmidt&Bender rifle scopes with patented Schmidt & Bender inner rail

Saddle mount Prisma

  • for rifle scopes with prism rail on the central tube

Saddle mount with mounting rings

  • ring diameters 25.4mm (1"), 30 mm, 34 mm or 40mm

Also available:

Saddle mount for:

  • Z-Point
  • Aimpoint Micro
  • Docter-Sight

Legal notice

Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders. 

Changes and errors excepted

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