As the first hunting rifle manufacturer ever to do so, Blaser divides the quality of stock wood into grades. Within the grades up to 11 all quality features are considered that determine the value of the stock. From plain heartwood in the middle of the trunk up to the very rare, precious pieces of root wood.

The color of the stock wood plays its own, very individual part when it comes to a personal judgement: from honey yellow over brown shades having a tint towards red, up to very dark walnut brown. Everyone has their own preferences. When it comes to wood as a natural product, it is a good thing to have the choice and to be able to choose an absolutely unique and individual piece.

The Blaser wood grades

Grade 3 wood

Grade 4 wood

Grade 5 wood

Grade 6 wood

Grade 7 wood

Grade 8 wood

Grade 9 wood

Grade 10 wood

Grade 11 wood

(The stocks shown here are only examples for the quality of our grades. Wood is a product of nature. Differences in color, grain and wood structure within the quality grades are natural.)