Blaser Academy

Success from the very first start

Undertaking national qualifications for owning firearms and hunting often means learning in a large group of people. The time given to shooting training is short and personal tuition is impossible. The best way to approach any hunting exam is with confidence born of experience. Blaser Academy instructors fully understand how to prepare shooters for the rigors of examination and can also teach you how to calm your nerves during any shooting test.


Prepare for the moment

Hunters who dream of a different quarry in a distant country not only invest time and money but are likely to be faced with the challenge of making one perfect shot. The result of that will define their trip. Proper preparation and training on relevant targets in challenging conditions will engender success. Our shooting instructors can prepare you for the challenges of the hunt, based on their own hunting experiences. They will ensure you are instructed in and practice relevant shooting positions, shooting over long distances and how to deal with unfamiliar conditions and varied terrain. The improvement in your self-confidence, knowledge and accuracy will ensure you can make the shot or to know when to get closer.


Trust and control

When you can zero your own rifle you will double your confidence. Blaser Academy instructors will show you how your rifle and scope work, train you to make the appropriate adjustments and ensure you understand the ballistics necessary for success on your hunt. When you hunt, this knowledge and confidence in your rifle, scope and ammunition will make you a winner, time and time again.


Training for perfection

The best sportsmen and women in the world all have coaches. Whether you shoot clays or game birds with a shotgun, or targets and quarry with a rifle, the guidance of an experienced teacher is invaluable. By analyzing your performance and drawing on their own experience, they can help you improve your shooting skills, build your confidence and become the best shot you can be. 

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