Blaser Product Innovations 2019

Discover the Blaser product innovations 2019! Thanks to innovative stock options, the R8 and K95 Ultimate models raise the ergonomically perfect thumbhole stock to the next level. In addition, the robust Blaser Cordura pouch for rifle, combination gun or shotgun as well as the proven Blaser cartridge case also present themselves in a new design. The new loden/leather line stylishly rounds off the accessory range with three new firearm cases and one rifle sling. 

New R8 ULTIMATE & R8 Ultimate Silence

Ergonomically designed thumbhole stock, adjustable recoil pad, recoil absorption system or adjustable comb – the R8 Ultimate features newly developed, modular stock options which can be adjusted to your individual demands and actively support accurate shooting. The new range also includes a model version with integrated silencer – the R8 Ultimate Silence.

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Experience the all new K95 single shot rifle! The K95 Ultimate Carbon combines extremely high-strength and lightweight carbon fiber with an ergonomically designed thumbhole stock which has been custom-tailored to the single-shot rifle's extremely sleek appearance. In addition, the K95 Ultimate Carbon can be adjusted to your individual needs. Choose between the adjustable comb, the recoil absorption system or the adjustable recoil pad.

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New K95 – wooden stock in new design

Elegant, huntable, accurate – for decades the Blaser K95 single-shot rifle has proven itself in demanding hunting situations. With a newly designed stock and receiver the tradition of the single-shot rifle will continue into the future. The higher, straighter comb makes for a pleasant shooting experience and underlines the timeless appearance of the K95. Now the slim receiver is even more elegant. The cocking slide features illumination control (iC) which automatically activates the illuminated dot in all Blaser riflescope models. Open sights are possible along with the continued use of the other K95 barrels. At the beginning available in wood grade 4 (with a gun metal grey receiver) and wood grade 4 (with a black receiver).  

New R8 Rimfire Conversion Kit

Blaser adds the .22 lr to its product line by introducing a special conversion kit. The change of caliber is easily done by changing the barrel, the bolt head and the magazine insert. Having done this allows you also to intensively train on those shooting ranges that are only open to small bore rifles – with very low costs for ammunition. The capacity of the magazine is six cartridges.

New Rifle sling loden/leather

The new Blaser rifle sling captivates with finest cowhide leather and elegant loden in dark grey. Its wide supporting surface not only provides enhanced carrying comfort, but is also perfectly suitable as rifle rest for the R8 Silence bolt action rifle. Thanks to neoprene and rubber inside, the loden/leather rifle sling is pleasantly elastic and non-slip. For optimal handling, it features the proven Blaser quick-release fastener and an integrated cartridge case for two rifle cartridges.

New Gun Cover Loden/Leather

The new Blaser gun covers combine classy loden with elegant cowhide leather details and are available for rifles and combination guns in size "short" or "long" and as sleek shotgun slipbag. Both gun covers for rifles and combination guns additionally offer ample space for your Blaser optics up to a size of 4-20x58. All gun covers features a lockable compartment for accessories. The comfortable carrying strap with anti-slip insert and the robust metal fasteners provide optimum transport even with heavy firearms. Rifle cover incl. 2 combination locks, shotgun slipbag incl. 1 combination lock.

  • Rifle cover "long": Rifles up to total length of 112 cm and Blaser rifle scope 4-20x58 iC
  • Rifle cover "short": Rifles up to a total length of 105 cm and Blaser rifle scope 4-20x58 iC
  • Shotgun slipbag: Shotguns up to a total length of 127 cm

New Gun Covers Cordura

The new Blaser gun covers for rifles and combination guns as well as the shotgun flipbag boast a dynamic design, while durable Cordura provides ruggedness and longevity. Available in two sizes, the rifle covers offer sufficient space for your rifle or combination gun including mounted Blaser rifle scope up to a size von 4-20x58 iC. A lockable compartment safely stows all accessories. Rugged metal fasteners and a comfortable carrying strap with special padding in the shoulder area provide convenient and safe transport – even of heavy firearms. Rifle covers incl. 2 combination locks, shotgun slipbag incl. 1 combination lock. 

  • Rifle cover "long": Rifles up to total length of 128 cm and Blaser rifle scope 4-20x58 iC
  • Rifle cover "short": Rifles up to a total length of 110 cm and Blaser rifle scope 4-20x58 iC
  • Shotgun slipbag: Shotguns up to a total length of 135 cm

New Cartridge pouch Cordura

Versatile, durable, handy – the new Blaser cartridge pouch is made of robust Cordura and accommodates up to 12 rifle cartridges. Thanks to its thought-out design it can be used in different ways. Its flexible material provides maximum comfort when worn on the belt. The magnetic closure allows for fast and silent access to your ammunition. The removable cartridge holder with separate strap and velcro fastener can conveniently be worn on the arm or can be attached to the stock of your rifle. With premium cowhide leather inserts.