Blaser On-Barrel Silencer

The Blaser On-Barrel Silencer was developed especially for hunters and their specific requirements. The low profile design is concentric on the barrel and even allows you to use open sights in combination with the silencer. With its weight of 325 g (0.72 lb) the Blaser On-Barrel Silencer is one of the lightest silencers on the market. A special aluminum alloy in combination with titanium, results in maintaining high durability.

Short Length due to Blaser CompAction

The magazine is located directly above the trigger unit which makes the R8 much shorter than conventional bolt action rifles while having the same length barrel. Experience the advantages of a rifle with a silencer without missing out on the familiar pointability found in a Blaser rifle. The benefits are clear; better rifle handling, less muzzle rise, increased muzzle velocity, less felt recoil, faster target re-acquisition, and tighter more consistent shot groups. Accuracy is final.

Conventional bolt action rifle


Blaser R8

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 42.9 mm (1.69")
Total length: 203.1 mm (7.99")
Effective increase in length: 188 mm (7.40")
Barrel protrusion : 15 mm (0.59")
Weight: 325 g for cal. .308 Win.
Noise reduction: 27 dB (C) for cal. .308 Win.


The models 
The Blaser On-Barrel Silencer combines a very compact construction while boasting a maximum of performance. It is currently available in three versions.

Versions Caliber group
Version 6.5 mm ≤ 6.5 mm
Version .30  ≤ .30 (7.62 mm)
Version 9.3 mm ≤ 9.3 mm 

All versions are available with threads for Standard, Semi Weight and Match barrels.

Barrel Barrel diameter Muzzle thread
Standard 17 mm (0.67") M15 x 1
Semi-Weight 19 mm  (0.75") M17 x 1
Match 22 mm  (0.87") M18 x 1

How to fit the Blaser On-Barrel Silencer

Each single barrel rifle, R8, K95*, R93*, can be optionally fitted with the required muzzle thread for a silencer. This custom threading also includes a removable thread-cap which protects the muzzle thread when the gun is used without a silencer. Barrels which are fitted with a muzzle thread come with a front sight that is slightly set back (17mm | 0.67"). It is also possible to retrofit the threading and protective cap at a later time. The front sight will be moved back or removed completley on demand.

* Except for Stutzen or octagonal barrels

Operating Instructions

Once the Blaser On-Barrel Silencer is fitted the rifle may have a different point of impact. We recommend that you zero your gun with the silencer attached. It is also suggested that you conduct test shots without the silencer on to understand the change in bullet drop. High shot frequencies in rapid succession should be avoided as the silencer will get very hot. This also causes a heat mirage to radiate from the silencer and effecet your sight picture in a negative way. The Blaser On-Barrel Silencer can also be used for several barrels with the same or smaller calibers if they have the required muzzle thread. Keep in mind the highest level of noise reduction will only be achieved with a silencer which matches the caliber of the barrel. Special consideration should be taken after one or several shots, as certain weather conditions can cause condensation in the silencer. Condensed water in combination with the remaining gun powder residue intensifies corrosion. Therefore we always recommend to take off the silencer after use and to dry it properly before reattaching it to the rifle.

Legal note

Every country has different laws and legal requirements when it comes to silencers. Please familiarize yourself with your individual requirements and consult your qualified Blaser dealer for more information.