Blaser QDC+


There are situations on a hunt where a long-range shot is required. Be prepared with the optional Quick Distance Control+ (QDC+) that you can easily retrofit yourself.

The QDC+ allows you to adjust the shooting range up to a distance of 500 m directly on the reticle adjustment of your Blaser riflescope. For optimum adjustment to your rifle, the set includes ten interchangeable engraved rings designed for a wide range of hunting ammunition. Individual markings can also be applied to an additional blank ring. Zero in, adjust, and hit your target!

The Blaser QDC+ is available for the Blaser riflescope B2 3-18x50 iC QDC+ as standard and for all Blaser riflescopes (except driven-hunt riflescopes B1 1-7x28 iC and B2 1-6x24 iC S) as an add-on part for retrofitting.

The rings