Blaser B2 riflescopes

Powerful, compact, versatile: Born to hunt.

Are you looking for a precision riflescope for a driven hunt or maybe an all-rounder for a wide range of applications? Are you looking for the perfect riflescope for long-distance shooting or for hunting hoofed game at dusk? With or without an attachment for night hunting?


The B2 riflescopes are extremely sturdy and compact with a universal 6x zoom. The four models are designed for clearly defined fields of application for various hunting requirements— day or night. All feature the highest quality lenses and deliver the ultimate in technical precision. Their compactness and resilience also make the B2 line the top choice for use with clip-on thermal devices for night hunting – a quick and easy transition from day to night scope, and always accurate.

Automatic activation of the illuminated reticle – Illumination Control

Intelligently illuminated I – for the perfect synergy between your B2 and your Blaser hunting rifle!

Do you already have an R8 or a K95? If so, you have a distinct advantage with your B2 and the well thought-out and coordinated Blaser portfolio! Because the illuminated reticle of your B2 riflescope is automatically activated when the rifle is cocked using the iC cocking lever. Manual activation of the illuminated reticle on the scope itself isn’t necessary and saves you valuable time when split seconds matter and things must happen quickly! A safety plus for you and your companions: When the illuminated reticle is activated, you know that the weapon is cocked.

Intelligently illuminated II – easy to retrofit

For any other rifle without an iC cocking lever, there’s the option of retrofitting your B2 riflescope with a flip cover with iC function to utilize this intelligent type of illumination. A magnet in the flip cover switches the illuminated reticle on as soon as it’s opened and off again as soon as it’s closed.

Intelligently illuminated III – automatic switching on and off by sensors

When using Blaser riflescopes on rifles without iC cocking lever, the illuminated reticle is manually activated by pulling out the adjustment wheel located on the right.

In order to achieve the longest possible battery life, the illuminated reticle switches off automatically as soon as the rifle is moved to a very steep vertical position or to a position lying on its side. When the rifle is returned to a ready position, the illuminated reticle is automatically activated. This makes your B2 compatible with any rifle and energy efficient at the same time!

Compact and robust—reliable in any hunting situation

The B2 line, with its short and compact design, is perfect for use with clip-on thermal devices, and an outstanding choice when it comes to night hunting. The advantage of a short overall length is that the operating elements of the clip-on devices remain within easy reach. The rifle’s center of gravity is closer to the shooter, and the rifle rests securely when taking a shot. During development, it was also important to ensure that the riflescopes are extremely durable, since they are subjected to high levels of strain when used in combination with clip-on devices. The B2 riflescopes surpass the usual tests for shock resistance even in combination with the corresponding attachments. The fact that they are extremely robust makes these riflescopes the optic of choice for every hunting challenge, both day and night!

Brilliant reticle – optimum vision, aiming, hitting the target

For use in deep twilight situations to quick shots in snow and sunshine: The very fine fiber optic illuminated reticle in the second image plane is dimmable so it can be adjusted to all light and visibility conditions. The short design also minimizes the displacement of the moving lenses. Designed to extremely tight tolerances, all of these features help to ensure a steady point of impact when changing magnification.


Superior image quality 

Excellent twilight vision, razor-sharp details, minimization of disturbing color fringes, wide field of view—the B2 has everything it takes to become your favorite companion! This is ensured by special lenses containing fluoride, high transmission values both day and night, a large exit pupil and a scope system that doesn’t require the user to maintain an exact viewing distance to get the full picture. The lenses are extremely robust in terms of contamination and easy to clean thanks to Blaser Smart Lens Protection (SLP), a special coating on the outer surfaces.

Optimum attachment—simple, fast, repeatable

Even under tough hunting conditions, the rifle scope and the clip-on device can be connected quickly and easily in just a few steps thanks to special attachment mounts – with absolute repeat accuracy. Both scopes form a precise unit. 

The CM attachment mount is designed for larger lenses and allows the flip cover to remain on the scope, so it does not have to be removed for mounting. It is 100% secured against rotation via the clamping adapter. 

The BL attachment mounts are made for use with the B2 1-6x24 iC driven hunt rifle scope (as well as the B1 1-7x28 with rail). They are smaller and make the overall combination of driven hunt scope and attachment small, light and compact. Attaching couldn’t be easier: The BL attachment mounts are twist-locked, locked and clamped - the triple safety for reliably repeatable positioning!

Reliable mechanisms – uncompromising repeatability

The riflescope: Not only high-performance lenses, but also a sighting device with an extremely precise adjustment mechanism. This is important not only for zeroing in the rifle successfully. It’s also common practice to adjust the reticle before firing at long range to be able to lock on to the target at the respective distance.The adjustment mechanism has to work so precisely that the first shot after adjusting is a reliable hit. That’s why all Blaser riflescopes are designed from the ground up with this requirement in mind. The adjustment mechanism itself is made entirely of metal making it extremely robust. A non-slip rubber coating makes it safe to handle in any weather conditions. The 1.7-10x42 iC, 2-12x50 iC and 2.5-15x56 iC models can be retrofitted at any time with the QDC+-quick-release adjustment turret upgrading them to high-precision tools for long-distance shooting, e.g. in the mountains.

Well prepared – fits any rifle

All B2 models are available with a 30 mm main tube for a ring mount or optionally with an inner rail for the Blaser saddle mount. The latter ensures that your Blaser rifle connects perfectly with your Blaser scope – striking as a unit with its impeccable design.

Quick Distance Control+ for long-distance shooting

The Blaser QDC+ for B2 allows you to adjust the shooting range up to a distance of 500 m directly on the elevation turret of your B2. For the optimum adjustment to your rifle, the set includes 10 interchangeable engraved rings designed for a wide range of hunting ammunition. Individual markings can also be applied to an additional blank ring. As with all Blaser riflescopes, the turret can be locked at 100 m or GEE (the most favorable shooting distance, 4 clicks high). This ensures that no unintentional adjustments can be made, and the locked position gives you the assurance of a clean shot at normal hunting distances. The Blaser QDC+ is optionally available for the models B2 1.7-10x42 iC, 2-12x50 iC and 2.5-15x56 iC, and very easy to retrofit yourself.