R8 Alligator

Hunters of the Okavango

Crocodiles hunting for a herd of gnus – a thrilling scene that instantly carries away the beholder of the R8 Alligator in caliber .375 H&H. The ambush predators and their richly structured bodies against the golden African sky are crafted to perfection literally emerging from the side plates.  

For this exclusive masterpiece, Peter Schaschl combined Bulino and relief engravings in order to make his motifs even more structural and realistic. Particularly captivating is the extremely detailed receiver boasting a crocodile head with piercing glance and opened mouth.  

A further highlight is the realistically chiseled bolt handle in crocodile skin looks. Barrel and sights are also decorated with a crocodile structure and gold inlay. The structured trigger guard and the golden trigger complement this extravagant composition.