To be able to hunt around the world with the same rifle, using that with which you are already familiar with, creates the best possible scenario for hunting and at the shooting range. For Blaser, it goes without saying that changing the barrel or stock should be as easy as possible for the hunter. Having the familiar trigger weight and handling of a rifle enables the hunter to concentrate on the shot 100 percent.

With the new small calibers, the trusted versatility of the R8 will be increased yet again. The rimfire conversion kits in the calibers, .17 HMR, .22 lfb, .22 WMR, .17 Hornet and .22 Hornet allow you, with only a few steps, to get your R8 ready for hunting small game or varmint. Additionally, with the lower priced ammunition for small calibers, cost savings when practicing extensively at the shooting range can be significant.

Caliber Magazine Capacity Caliber Group Twist Length
.22 lfb 6+1 KK 16" / 406 mm
.17 HMR 6+1 KK 9" / 229 mm
.17 Hornet 5+1 HO 9" / 229 mm
.22 Hornet 5+1 HO 16" / 406 mm
.22 WMR 6+1 KK 16" / 406 mm