Only in combination with top-class target optics can hunters use the potential of their rifle to the fullest. Therefore it is even more important that function and handling of the optics are perfectly tuned to the use in the field . If the design of the riflescope is then optimally aligned with the firearm, the result is a combination of unparalleled elegance and performance.


Estimating distances easily
When seconds matter; first focal plane scopes are the preferred choice for shooters who will be utilizing reticle subtensions for target distance estimations. This tried and true method eliminates complicated mathematical formulas and allows you to easily estimate range or use the correct hold over point to take a long distance shot. As with reticles in the first focal plane, the distance between the reticle bars in relation to the target size remains constant with any magnification you choose. Your riflescope will become a tool that can be used to estimate the shooting distance at lightning speed.

10x Magnification approx. 100 m (328 ft.)
20x Magnification approx. 100 m (328 ft.)
10x Magnification approx. 200 m (656 ft.)
20x Magnification approx. 200 m (656 ft.)

iC Illumination Control

Blaser B1 1–7x28 iC, Magnification 2x
Blaser B1 1–7x28 iC, Magnification 7x

QDC – Quick Distance Control

Zeroed at 100 m or GEE (most favorable zeroing range): both adjustments are lockable.

Parallax compensation: No unintentional adjustment possible.

The adjustment turret for parallax is also protected against unintended movement. The turret is locked for a distance of approximately 100 m. The turret is also graduated for distances greater than 100 m and is easily pulled out to select the desired distance.

Rifle and scope – a perfect match